Surprise & Delight Guests

Personalize Your Party Favors

Work with our in-house design team to create your own signature party favors. Gift favors that exceed guest expectations through your customization of fine details such as design, packaging, and a personal note to the recipient.

The Kind Favor Motto

Give Your Guests the Gift of Choice

The kind favor is not just a party favor company, we’re a movement to decrease waste while increasing charitable giving and guest delight

We're Mission Driven

Philanthropy is at the heart of The Kind Favor. We know that donating to a cause you care about can be the best gift of all. That is why we include a charitable donation option along with every party favor collection. If your guest opts for a charitable donation, both you and your guest will receive a thank you card for your donation.

We're Socially gifted

We believe the best hosts are socially gifted — and we live out our beliefs. Since all events face unique challenges, we’re here to help make your fete a success. Please email us at or sign-up (hyperlink) for a complimentary 15-minute call with our in-house event planner, who can offer you expert guidance and support.

We're One of a kind

A gifted hostess shows gratitude with small, intentional delights. For this reason, we offer numerous favor personalization options to ensure your event boasts an unmatched guest experience. Whether it’s the ribbons, patterns, packages, or a custom note in the each favor, we’ll work with you directly to exceed your discerning expectations.

We're Welcoming

at the kind favor, we know being a good host extends beyond the event itself. it’s both a state of mind and way of living that embodies a welcoming spirit. not only an attitude, a true host(ess) is an action that works to bring people in and make them feel welcomed and comfortable. as such, the kind favor is committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to the international rescue committee, a group that works tirelessly to welcome and help settle refugees around the world.